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The S.P.A.M. Guided Devotional

The S.P.A.M. Guided Devotional


In the natural, spam is a nusance. In the spiritual S.P.A.M. is a lifestyle. This guided devotional helps you break down scriptures and study the Word of God to meditate on it. We are instructed to meditate on the Word day and night, but rarely is it explained how we are supposed to do that -- or what it looks like in our everyday get outta bed life.

Let the S.P.A.M. Guided Devotional help you discoer the depths of God's Word. Let it help you unlock revelations and interpretations straight from God through Holy Spirit. God desires for His children to know His truth and hide it in our hearts. You are His child and in a world that keeps trying to tell you how to be, learn from the Source.



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