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The S.A.U.C.Y Guided Devotional

The S.A.U.C.Y Guided Devotional



Being spiritually strong doesn’t require that you work out your brain every day. Just as a garden needs to be fertilized for it to grow, your spirit needs to be kept in check in order for it to be strong.

The S.A.U.C.Y Guided Devotional is the ultimate way to know Jesus more, love Him more and serve Him more. It's an inspirational companion with space for studying, affirming and journaling that will give you the "sauce" you need to add a bit of Holy Spirit flavor to your day!

We had no idea what God would reveal to us, but after months of prayer and intercession, we were blessed with this beautiful devotional journal.

Within these pages, you can experience God's grace through personal study, prayer, journaling, and two-way conversations with Jesus. He will coach you with the Holy Spirit to grow in your spirit man until your soul is dripping in His glory!


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