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The Little Black Book of Prayers

The Little Black Book of Prayers



Get ready to open your heart body and soul to the divine mind of God . . . The Little Black Book of Prayers will set you free from fear, doubt, arrogance, failure, clutter, and mediocrity in all areas of your life! The daily devotions in this book are designed to be used in conjunction with The Manual.

This isn't your Mama's "Little Black Book" that she dusted off when she needed a "pick me up". This carefully curated collection of prayers is meant to be used daily to uplift your Spirit. The Prayers are meant to take the place of what you would normally find in a self-help book. This Spirit-curated collection of prayers will activate your boldacious faith, cultivate your authenticity and elevate your confidence in the Divine power operating within you.

Keep this little black book on display as a constant reminder of your commitment to pray more, worry less and live the life of God's dreams. The Little Black Book of Prayers begins with a heartfelt prayer by the author and ushers the reader into a lifestyle of prayer and surrender to God.


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