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Wrecked to Reset

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The enemy has been using so much against you, but God is about to allow you to release your Identity so you can pick up your Godentity...

But it may require you to be #Wrecked but He makes all things new (Revelation 21:5, Isaiah 65:17, Isaiah 43:19), so you will get the healing you need.

#Emergence (more on that later) is the process to get that healing i

s quite literally the physical representation of every triumphant movie ever to be created.

It is the process by which Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in Dark knight rises. It is the trials and lessons learned by Jaden Smith in Karate Kid.

Every step that you take along this journey has been informed by your bloodline.

The greatness you have been feeling tuh at you is your ancestors coraling around you to ensure that you make it through every obstacle. And Emergence is the idea of God vs. Evil manifesting in your physical conscious life.

"Fear and terror hide the senses". And I am Liam Neeson. Because boy let me tell you, God has folks he's sent to the earth realm to be planet shakers! He knows that when Jesus League gets to understanding our powers then we will change the record in the thread of history. And He has taken me through this process to help open your eyes!

Historically in real life the world has seen the evil forces rule on every front. And God has sent His people to do what is necessary in order to truly see His kingdom here on earth. But too often the good has been snuffed out by evil because the evil strength lies more in his opponents weakness... and that weakness is fear.

Superheroes are in each and everyone of us and God isnusing their program to prove it.

Emergence is the process of taking into that power to uncover the Jesus League in each of us.

Every member of Justice League had their lives paved with tragedy, but instead of succumbing to the pain of those traumas, they fight for their birthright.

They defy the odds because of the power they uncover within themselves. We see it all the time... when Miles Morales did not believe the power was within himself he sucked at everything he tried to do. But through a series of trials he refused to give up through he was able to overcome his fears.

When they embark on the journey they have no idea if they will succeed but they know there is something pulling them towards a greater purpose. And along the way wisdom comes by and shows them the way to uncover that greatness. Wisdom comes through and helps the hero overcome the obstacles.

But it is ultimately up to the hero whether or not she is going to listen to the deep urge she is feeling to keep pushing toward the mark.

And as the hero is banishing out fear and overcoming obstacles they are getting a little more confidence. They start to believe that greater is He that is in me than he that is the world. And that confidence leads them to recognize and understand the power that rested inside of them the whole time. They just needed something to draw it, they just needed something to draw it out. When you understand you are fighting a war against an evil force it changes the way you do everything. It changes the way you so much about you think and move.

Because when you understand you are on a mission and you understand who you are you don't back down from a challenge.

But the problem is too many of us are living in our IDentity, the part that gives our ego a jolt. We are living in the construct of who believe we are, but we are blinded to our Godentity.

Our Godentity is what we were born with. It is the umbilical cord to God himself and through it flows the rivers of life. It holds the river streams of greatness that trickle down from the infinity pools of heaven where every ancestor before you is rooting for you to finish where they left off.

You stand for something and its in your bloodline. God had to hide it deep inside so you would have to go to Him in order to get it. He hides treasures deep where we gave to look for them because if you are willing to look then as you go through you will find what you have trulybeen looking for.

When you start understanding the assignment you become truly unbothered by what the enemy has to say. You understand that the assignment is so much bigger than you that you have no choice but to believe the impossible is possible! You have no other choice but to emerge and see your Godentity.

The enemy had you convinced that you couldn't do what God already gave you the victory in it.

God would not have given you the vision had He not already prrel6the way for you get it,and because the enemy.knows that He has been doing everything he could to derail you from getting God's promises.

Every since you were conceived he has been nipping at your heel to get your birthright! The devil has been hot mad ever since God called you great and that is why every time you feel like you are making a head way something happens and it sets you back. God is saying I got you come un to me, but the enemy has you running away.

When you get tired of fighting the battle on your own and want to see the promises of God you begin to seek Him. When He puts you between the rock and the hard place down in the trench you gave to choose if you are going to keep leaning in until you from Him or if you are going to return to your normal way of doing things.

Emergence takes you through the process.

Your bloodline dynasty is waiting for you to break the bloodline curses.

God sent you here to earth to shake the foundation. He sent you hear to defeat evil for His name sake and it is high time that you come forth and Lazarus! It is high time you stop kicking against the bricks Saul! It is time to stop all that doubting Peter. Trust God and walk on the water!

He wrecked you to reset you.

Your Godenity is ready to emerge and see the promises of God.

If you are ready to begin your journey... let's connect!

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