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Atlantis is the Kingdom of God...

You know the movie Atlantis?

The cartoon where the group if very interesting characters travel to the ancient city of Atlantis to discover its truth?

If not, I highly suggest you watch it.

If so, then you remember the guardians of the city?

Those statue figures, who when threats came upon Atlantis they were activated.

Ringing any bells, yet?

Great, now we are on the same page.

Let's imagine for a moment that the Kingdom of God is Atlantis.

And there are guardians set in place to protect the truth of the Light, but there are also dark forces that wish to steal the power of the Light and pervert it for their own selfish gain (are we still on the same page?).

With this, the question may be raised of 'who' is what in this scenario , and let's break it down.

In the movie for the sake of confusion we are going to lump the characters into categories: evil conscious, innocent unconscious, innocent enlightened, and enlightened conscious.

Those who fall into the evil conscious are the characters who journeyed to Atlantis with the motive of taking the Light from the sacred place and using it for their own good. The innocent unconscious are the characters who followed the leadership of this evil not fully conscious of the actual intent (essentially they recognized it was a huge payday for them and they were just in it for the riches and glory). Then we have the innocent enlightened. This group of characters understood the power of the Light and sought to protect it.

Now a bit of back story, Atlantis had been invaded generations prior to the time of this and as a result the guardians (enlightened conscious) didn't function in the way they were intended. The Light was not reaching them and they laid dormant, unable to perform their assignment, and leaving the innocent to find for themselves against the forces of evil.

So, you have the innocent enlightened left to fend for themselves and many of them have never fought in battle against evil forces befor. But they understand what is at stake, their precious Light is being threatened and they are at risk of losing the war against their enemy (InnerMe included).

There happened to be a few guardians (enlightened conscious) in human form. These characters not only understood the assignment of the enlightened conscious, but believed the power of the Light operated through them enough to defeat the evil forces seeking to snuff out their Light source.

As the movie progresses there is a major power struggle among the characters and for the longest time, it appears the evil conscious is going to win.

They (spoiler alert) kill the patriarch of Atlantis in search of the Light and the people (innocent unconscious) are devastated. The enlightened conscious (Milo and Kiku) channel the Light within them to help the people understand that the time has come for them to fight for their Light because their life (and their life's mission) depends on their ability to fight.

The guardians are unable to fight for them, but someone must take up the fight or else the evil forces seeking to steal, kill, and destroy the Light will prevail.

So the innocent unconscious take up their arms and go to fight the evil conscious (and eventually the evil unconscious realize they are on the side of evil and they join forces with the innocent enlightened).

By the time the movie ends the evil unconscious and the innocent unconscious have awakened to the power of their inner Light. And by a miracle of Light (spoiler alert) the guardians are awakened from their dormant state and are able to provide the covering necessary.

The true beauty comes when not only are all the people united by the Light, the guardians are back in their rightful positions with their rightful power, the evil conscious are defeated, the formerly known evil unconscious receive their payday, and those of you reading this have probably by now realized this is more than just a synopsis of a great movie.

While I still highly encourage you to watch the film, I must first ask you a question.

As you were reading which category do you feel connected to the most?

You can be transparent with yourself because there is no judgment here.

Do not think yourself as enlightened conscious if you are not operating in the power of Light. If you have given yourself over to the pursuit of riches and glory at whatever cost, you, my dear friend are evil unconscious.

And before you get further offended know the following:

1. It is ok

2. You are not alone

3. There is salvation for you

If you identified with the innocent unconscious you are no more better than the evil unconscious. You are not seeking after the Light for fame and glory, but you are also not aware of the part you play in protecting the Light. You live life afraid, anxious, and enslaved to the mindset roadblocks that make you feel like you cannot be tasked with protecting the Light from evil. Or you may not even realize evil is winning the battle to steal, kill, and destroy the Light.

You who are of Light should know we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and wickedness in high places. Those high places are not higher than the Light inside of you, but before you are further offended there is good news.

1. It is ok

2. You are not alone

3. There is salvation for you

We each have a purpose in this life. If you proclaim to have the Light then your mission is go to the ends of the earth and let that Light shine, so men may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven (if you have not followed this, then you are a part of the evil unconscious).

No one of us is more important than the other (and if you believe this to be false, then you are allowing schism into the body and you, too, are functioning as evil unconscious).

We are all interconnected to fulfill the assignment.

We all want change, but many of us are unconscious to the role we play in bringing forth that change.

But guess what?

It is ok. You are not alone. There is salvation for you.

To the enlightened conscious who are operating in the power of the Light, know that your work is not in vain. The power of God is working in, for and through You in the best of ways. You may not know it yet, but your God-destined greatness is closer than you think.

To the sleeping guardians who were appointed to protect the Light, (there is no judgment here, and if you feel judged consult your ego first) know that you will have to answer for your slumber should you choose to remain asleep after reading this far. You have forsaken the assignment, but guess what?

1. It is ok

2. You are not alone

3. There is salvation for you

The salvation for all ofnus lies within becoming enlightened conscious. Like the disciples and all of the people in the Bible who recognized the Light and acted accordingly, so too should we be acting accordingly.

Enough is enough.

Too many souls (and lives) are being lost because we are in the way for whatever reason.

It is time for the Light within us to be awakened. People of God the evil forces are not just outside anymore. They have infiltrated every facet and are doing their due diligence of fulfilling their mission (to steal, kill, and destroy the Light) but who is fulfilling the mission of God?

Who is standing as enlightened conscious saying "here am I Lord, send me"?

Who is choosing to take up the cross though they slay you?

Who is walking believing they can do all things through Christ?

Who is running believing greater isnHe that is within you than He that is in the world?

If you are not, then wake up unconscious !

The time us upon us for us to fight against our EGO (Ease of Greatness Opposition)!

Fight against fear, anxiety, doubt, lack, and everything else that keeps you playing with your birthright!

If you aren't fighting the good fight are you fruitful?

Do you know what happens to the unfruitful (if not check out Matthew 21:19... or Google unfruitful scriptures).

Enough is enough. It is time for the enlightened to emerge and see God is calling us higher!

If you find offensive reminded of

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.

I love you and I mean it.

Thanks for coming to my DEStalk!

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