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The Undoing

Be noticed, not seen. Based on Eyes haven't seen, ear never, hasn’t even entered in my heart yet all the things God wishes to do for me.

It isn't that I am being diminshed to not be seen, it is that I am being covered to where I do not have to be seen in order to be noticed. God's covering provides a shield and a sled all that the time! The shield is used to protect you from the looky loos and the sled is to take you up higher. You trying to be seen by the looky loos and make them feel some type of way when God is callling you to say that is none of my business.. If you don't like that’s your problem and when I let it bother me that’s MY problem.

And to go on in the words of Andy Mineo, I got enough problems. I don’t need to add your feelings to any of it.

God wants to do something amazing thigns in your life but if you are too stuck on what he is doing in the lives of others or what He can do in your life will make them jealous, then you will always be seekign to be seen.

Stop trying to prove man and prove God at His word!

Prove that God will make all thigns work together for your good!

Prove that God never put more on you than you can bare!

If you don’t yet believe it enough to prove it, then faith walk it until you do!

Your faith leads you to lean into God which allows go to lean back into you and before you know it You are leaning your way up the rough side of the mountain and you won't have a speck of mud on you!

You will have trekked the entire journey to greatness and be able to go to your all white celebration party at the top.

So that is what this undoing has given me.

I has given me the freedom to have the Boldacious faith I have literally been seeking God for all of the year to date!

I won't be concerned on who has something to say or how people will feel about my success. I will no longer diminish myself in trying to be seen. I forgot who God called me to be because he needed me to forget the parts of me that were no longer serving who he called me to be. I needed the undoing in my soul, so that god could build me back together brick by marvelous brick! I thank God he thought enough of me to say, hey there pretty little chocolate girl, you aren't who they thought. There is so much more to you than meets the eye. He went on to tell me that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and it has not even entered into your heart all the things that I will for you!

So you see, that is what BOLDacious faith means. I am destined for greatness and I have the BOLDacious faith that allows me to be crazy enough to believe that greatness is possible for me and that faith allows me o trust in God to know that if He doesn't do it won't get done! This undoing has tried and purified me, during this time God has equipped me with everything I need to access the greatness He Predestined for me. Because I am in alignment I am walking the path that God laid out for me and that is the BOLDacious faith that makes me unstoppable! I speak it and believe it is so in Jesus name, amen!

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