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The Fragile White Ego Voiced by Willie Lynch

Praises be to the God of our ancestors, their blood was shed so that through it we would be saved from the voice of the oppressor.


The basis of certain systems inherently lies within the lineage of those who held the power at the time the system was erected. The trade system, educational system, judicial system, as well as the system of racism that is continually perpetuated through the voice of Willie Lynch. Willie Lynch uses metaphorical imagery to construct a system of oppression that has become the foundation and legacy of systemic racism. This essay contends that Mr. Lynch accomplished his aim. This essay begins with an observatory look into the making of a slave and will highlight the transcendence of time through which black people remain bound. Finally, this essay will discuss the inevitable shift that is happening in our current climate.

The enslavement of black people, even to date as always been systemic and strategic. We have lived in oppression for hundreds of years and despite our advances; we have adapted to these strategies and systems in the way they were intended. Of no fault of our own, but through the deep-rooted oppression that has trickled through our bloodline. We have all walked the same paths. We have all crossed the same bridges to finding freedom, but we have allowed Them to make us believe something diametrically opposed us because of our differences. Even the most “woke” among us are playing into the stratagems of their ultimate aims.

If they decide to come after me for this, then they will in fact be perpetuating the truth in which I speak to the fragility of their egos. Their fear of our unity is felt through the malicious behaviors they display and then mask behind victim mentality. It has always been us vs. Them because of their fragile egos. But their ancestors enacted perceived dominance over ours long before police shootings and social media.

Their ancestors struck our ancestors with the fear of god.

What if I told you the voice of Willie Lynch is still alive and the new tactic is the fear of the law?

Would you be angry?

I challenge you to push passed your ego and seek the truth of God for yourself.

If you are still reading, and that last statement made you scoff, then I would advise you to watch ‘Antebellum’ starring Janelle Monet. If you still feel the same way after watching even the first 10 minutes, then I would surmise you cannot mentally have this discussion yet, and maybe you will catch it later.

But back to the point.

The Fragile Ego (voiced by Willie Lynch)

Slave masters had to destroy the black woman’s will to protect in order to ensure she would be effective in rearing future offspring. By demolishing the alpha-female’s desire to protect her children, they could ensure their systems would be in place for generations to come. Humiliation of the black man was the only way to severe the ties of dominance among black men. The alpha-male relegated to being stripped, tarred and feathered, then being beaten only to be torn apart by horses would surely make them feel mighty and would certainly put “The fear of god” in blacks.

Mr. Lynch the sordid leader of the oppressor devised strategy and systems that have been in place for longer than what he originally hoped for.

But they stop here.

And before you scoff again, IF you look at the aspects that make them great, you will most likely find its origin rooted in something created for and or by a black person. The difference is, we accept our superiority and use it for the benefit of humanity, and not just ourselves.

Read that again.

We, the blemishes of society, use our superiority for the benefit of humanity, not just ourselves. Our music, our genius, our culture draws people who do not look like us and we accept them.

You see color just as plainly as the rosy red of your cheeks can be seen when you feel ashamed. I do not fault you for seeing color; it is engrained in your bloodline. I am not asking you to stop seeing color.

All we ask is that you would stop being threatened by us and embrace us in the way you desire to be embraced.

All I want is for my body to not be labeled in ways that they wouldn’t label white women’s bodies.

All I want is not to be petrified every time I am in the presence of police who take an oath to protect and serve.

All I want is to be free from bloodline trauma and protect my children in the way I was created too. I want the privilege to do so with my alpha-male husband who can leave and come home safely.

We want you to see color for what it is, a symbol of our differences to be celebrated; not a symbol for the divisiveness that Willie Lynch trained his cadre to use against slaves.

If the fragility of your ego feels threatened by the things that I want, kill your ego and awaken your humanity.

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