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Quit playing with your birthright

Man, Red Dead Redemption you had me going along with it, but… now? I have never in my almost 30 years of living been so offended by a video game (and I grew up with GTA), but when I saw a particular scene in the game I was so taken aback that I had no other choice but to come face to face with a hangouts reality. But honestly I appreciate you for doing so… That scene where the main character can’t save the slave trapped in the back of the wagon opened my eyes to the depth of trauma tat resides in the veins of this nation. In case you have no idea what I a, referring too, I am referring to a video game entitled Red Dead Redemption, it is an open-world game allowing player to basically build their own version of a Western Cowboy and for the longest while it was the coolest thing ever, there was a whole lot of cool stuff that happened on that game. There are points in which a player (or spectator) can really get behind it.. Especially if we have seen Westworld. And so it made that much more jarring when I came across the scene with the slave trapped, praying in the back of a wagon…and the main character is hard pressed to find a way to save her from the wagon without jeopardizing themselves. How can I forget our sordid past if it’s always staring me in the face? Th scene is rather unsettling. Watching a man enjoying his rugged mountain life only to run into a full blown save transport. What exactly were we going for with that? What emotion is that supposed to speak too. For those of you who are going to tell me I am thinking too deeply, I thin that is exactly what “they” wanted you to think. We have become, so far removed from something that anywhere else in the world would be deemed a travesty (Holocaust and Apartheid are the first words that come to mind when I think of it) but, here in America that same kind of traumatic past is embedded so deep into the fibers of the nation. I guarantee that the playing views and probably even streams will go u the more people get their hands on this article. We are made to be obtuse about our history as if people aren’t still fighting off the oppression from what should have “left in history”. It can be right in our faces, but we will continue going on as if the “they” shouldn’t be held accountable for their oppression. “They” will stop at nothing to get what they want (not excluding the need to take an innocent life if the conditions are jus right) and you mean to tell me we gone just keep letting the stuff slide. I agree with Omari Hardwick… This [expletive] is diabolical. It is diabolical of me to think that we would actually have listened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That we would have actually have come together as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. You are forced to say those words everyday while you attend “their” traditional school, but when it comes for the words to mean something of stature to anyone who wasn’t in the room where it happened then those who were left out of that room will always draw the short end of the stick (or their last breath…if the conditions are right). So you see, I must thank Red Dead Redemption (and I think I deserve a check if your numbers go as a result of this), because you just woke me up in a whole new way. The oppression and divisiveness has got to com to an end, and if you can’t beat the, you gotta join the right? And before anyone incites a riot to just further give them something to kill innocents over, I mean how about building the kind of wealth and influence that can get the unconditional in the highest held office. We escaped captured because of planning, execution and #TEAMWORK. Not raging out and perpetuating the very behaviors “they” look for in anyone “they” deem inferior (and “their” illusion of superiority is another topic for another day). What I am suggesting is that we go after our birthright and gain the riches of the wicked that have been stored up for the righteous. We don’t have to steal it. We don’t have to rob for it. We play their game, and build our own club where we help each other get to the next level in whatever industry we desire… but the difference between us and “them” is that we don’t have to step on anyone to get where we are going. Together we can and United we stand. If you are really about getting behind a moment in favor black people, how about getting behind one that gives black people a leg up instead of giving “them” exactly what they want… to be entertained. “Their” fragile ego is amused with the opportunity to excite themselves with their perceived superiority (I wil tell you about it later in detai but just know it is basically littl man syndrome, but the modern version has nothing to do with size). That is why they oppress. They oppress because they recognize the superiority that lay outside of themselves. So they have to build up a place where they could free, they were realizing how much better life was in the places that were labeled “primitive”. They realized their inferiority the moment they left the mother ship. But they are not the kind of people who can take defeat. They aren’t the kind of people who had to suffer through accepting yourself for something you can not control, that is why they bully those of us who re different from them. Our differences make us superiors because they are as bland as vanilla (I don’t see color). They need the zest to life, but their tiny egos won’t let them just ask for guidance. Truth be told they operate on the primitive more than anyone else. As if they re modern cavemen “me man… me must not show weakness”. News flash you are. You have shown your weakness since the dawning of time, and the world has been waiting for a phenomenal to come through. check out what Uncle Willie has to say about phenomenon “…and they advised us that the best way to deal with the phenomenon is to shave off the brute's mental history…” Shave off mental history so that you are so that it is only spoken about in whispers unless it is a symbol of heritage. “They” have played a heck of a game until now… The phenomenon are awakening. Our ancestors wildest dream… our oppressors worst nightmare! #Oprah24 #doitforKobe #andthelittleoneswholooklikehimbutcannotplayball #thanksforcmpomingtpmyDESTalk

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