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Master's Peace

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

If in order to keep you from the scorch of the fire I must set myself ablaze, then so be it. Soulsister, a glorious flame it will be. A true Masterpiece

I am so overwhelemd with God's gratitude because he is a God of second, third, foruth, chances!

Realizing I diminished myself when God frist gave me the vision that I would stand up before prominent, beautiful women and bare my scars God said it andn I ran from it. I used to tell myself I ran because I was scared, but I ran because I did not trust Him, not with my whole heart. I did not believe He was faithful to fulfill His Ultimate Mission in, for and through me. I thoguth I was too broken to ever be used by Him. I didn't think I was worthy of His unconditional love....

But I am reminded daily by His word that I have the Master's peace which surpasses all understanding.

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