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Emerge and See Your God-Destined Greatness

For the past few days I have shown up as instructed and if I may be transparent with you, I wanted to be afraid. Fear had become so comforting I became comfortable being a coward. So my EGO (Ease of Greatness Opposition) searched high and low for ways to oppose this series of messages. And truthfully speaking, it wasn't until I started typing this final message that I understood truly the power of what practicing what I peach. I started this year in a spiral of despair, depression detrimental thinking. I was debilitated by mindset roadblocks, but then I looked to the hills from where my help comes and made the decision to trust in the Lord with all my heart. Because I had gotten to a place where I had no choice. On the verge of losing everything and being unfulfilled I clung to promise of God in Jeremiah 29:11. And now, I cling not only to that verse but to the confidence that because God has liberated me from mindset roadblocks and allowed me to emerge as my authentic self He will do the same for you. And the best part.... We can access this God-destined greatness together. This work has just begin and He who began it is faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6) Enrollment has opened and your God-Destined Greatness is waiting for you.

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