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Emerge and See Questions

You've heard of alignment before. If you feel uneasy when I say it then it may be you EGO (Ease of Greatness Opposition) keeping you asleep. Yes, I know you're fully awake, but you have yet to experience an awakening of what God has placed inside of you. How do I know? Because, I was there too. I spent years circling around my promised land letting insecurities, fears, and other mindset roadblocks keep the masterpiece within me from emerging. God came down and undid my ego. Shattered it into a million pieces and in its reflection He showed me the posts of myself that were keeping me from my promised land. Who you have been got you out of Egypt, but you are not yet in the land of milk and honey. You feel stuck? You feel overwhelmed? You feel like you're repeating the same cycles, endlessly? Yea, I did too. Then I leaned in to God, and when He leaned back in to me something happened... I stopped making excuses. When I emerged I saw that God is within me and

  1. I shall not fail

  2. Ihave everything I need to succeed

With that newfound liberation and a renewed confidence I have been able to emerge into my authentic self. Because let's be honest here... I (we, if you're ready to be honest) was overwhelmed and stuck Because I was doing everything for everyone else BUT GOD!! I became angry with God don't You see me down here struggling? His response... what you need is where you refuse to look 😳 Once I picked my face up I put in His word. When I leaned in to God He leaned back saying trust me and walk (something He said when He first called me to this work, but I was too consumed with limitations). The more I leaned, the more God leaned until one day He asked me a series of questions

  1. How would you move if you had no limitations?

  2. How many of my people have perished for the lack of knowledge I have given you to share with them? 😳😳

I was left speechless (a rare occurrence if you ask my loved ones). So, take a deep breath and connect with the God inside of you and ask yourself how will you move with no limitations? Who has God sent you to Earth to be and how has He equipped to to advance His kingdom? . If you have an idea, great! Let's cultivate it. If you haven't the slightest clue, great! Let's activate it. And when I say Let's I'm never speaking of you and I exclusively.... Oh no, this work WITH God becomes Purposeful. And that's who we want to be, right? PurposFULL and ImpactFULL? If not, no worries... this isn't for you yet, and I'm sure you'll catch it later. If this is for you.. Then buckle up Buttercup and let's access this G-D greatness together.

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