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Emerge and See 911

The process of emergence is one of divine transformation. To be activated only requires a Yes, God. But let me be very clear your Yes, God must be followed by action. Whether the action is to move forward or be still, you saying Yes means You are willing to launch into the deep while simultaneously being stretched. This is not terrifying opposition, it is terrific opportunity for God's strength to be made perfect, but it requires you to resist the urge to outthink God. Take a deep breath and know that God's got you, if you let Him have you. You won't fail. You won't be forsaken. You won't be forgotten. You won't become anything God didn't authorize. And that's good news! God has heard your cries for more and responded with the Emerge and See program. 911 the enemy's kingdom is consistently advancing and we are watching it happen with our own eyes. God is calling us to emerge and see the power that has been given to us as our birth right. The author and finisher of our fate has called out to us and is demanding we awaken from our slumber (Romans 13:11-14.. no really, go read it I recommend The Passion Translation) This is your wake up call. This is your sign. This your moment, the magic, the mission. Put away the excuses and pull up to emerge. Buckle up Buttercup, let's access this greatness together.

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