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Crazy Faith #Oprah24

We as a people must rise up and refuse to accept anything less than what God has promised us.

They have kept us divided for too long.

Constantly competing with one another for what God has created enough of for us to each live in abundance in what He has actually destined for us.

We have been forced to belive in our undermining as a people.

Perpetuating it as what's truth.

Our truth is that we are kings head sent down from Heaven to subdue this earth.

Our subduing power doesn't rest in the hands of what "they" have created for us. They made us to think we could only operate in the gifts they saw were fitting and operating during the time they saw it was fitting.

I have undergone an awakening that has provided an outlook on life that gives m the kind of faith to believe that when we battle together and create the vision God gave us before eour conception we glean generate the kind of wealth and influence that would be powerful enough to even get Oprah Winfrey into White House!

Why isn't it possible?

She is ever the bit as (if not more qualified than any of the astute white men who have held the office previously!) She has the kind of influence and authority and grace that would cause the world to view our country as the nation of God indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL!

It is a pledge of allegiance but 9ur allegiance has been controlled and aimed on the wrong direction under the wrong pretenses for too long.

Because I am sure that even as you read this, there are some people who will have stopped reading by now, scoffing asking questions, because that is what our ego makes us do. When we are presented with information that slips through our current slope of perception, our ego can't take us feeling inferior so it has to spark up insecurities. No, I'm not calling YOU insecure.

What I am calling us all is OUT.

We escaped captured because of planning, execution and #TEAMWORK

But we have been convinced we can't work together.

The devil is a lie.

And I am going to show you the way to see that as a fact for yourself.

I Am going to walk you through the journey of killing your ego.

If you have madeit this far then that means you are sick of being sick and tired of yourself and you know that there has to be more to life than this.

You are still reading this because you are ready to dive deeper in God because you desire to find the kind of faith that will have you believing you can have the kind of wealth and power that will change the fate of your entire bloodline.

Generstional curses do not have to continue!

GGeneraional mindsets can be broken!

You can break through to the otherwise of your ego in order to emerge as your true God-destined self.

You are ready to plunge into God until see His reflection inside of yourself.

If that is what you are ready for then i present to you 'Emerge and see': Th Journey to See God.

We are vessels sent by God here for a specific mission and for many of us that visions light has long been snuffed out and we know there has to be more to life than where we are, we just don't know how to get there!

Emerge and see is a process of digging through limiting mindset roadblocks in order to destroy them at their root cause.

This process is a highlighted path to accessing your God- destined greatness.

Now, there are going to be some egos flaring for sure now, and if you are still reading then I encourage you to join me on this journey into greatness.

And if you are questioning questioning me and missing the point of what I am saying because you are too closed minded in your thinking and have been so limited in thought that we are comfortable in mediocrity. Then I need you take a pause. Pray. Listen and then repeat until you are ready to digest what I am saying.

We are content with living off the oppression that built this country. On the backs of other people the same "they" that continually oppressed and slaughtered those who got in their way are the very same "they" who continues to belittle and degrade us for the very aspects of our culture that provide us the liberation, authenticity, and confidence we were given as our birthright. Those are the "they" I am speaking of (however if your mind just envisioned a specific charactiture as you read that, then blame yourself because I didn't describe a particular person.)

There is a special kind of faith that comes with understanding the love God has for you.

It is the kind of love that you cling to once you find it and you dive deeper as you are being called to search for it.

You understand that there is more to life than where you are, you are just adrift in the ocean looking for a lighthouse.

Well, look no further! You have found your lighthouse!

I have climbed to the top of the trench you ar presently in and I am offering you an exit!

I have pushed past my ego and sought to liberate my soul from the mindset roadblocks that were stifling my God destined greatness!

If you are ready to join

Then buckle up buttercup, let's access this greatness together!!

Lets get you enrolled in the Emerge and See program, so you can see your greatness the way God destined.

Check out the The Santified Sip on all the cool places you find podcasts 😎

I love you and I mean it💕🙏🏾

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