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Burnt Out Compassion

Let me start this off by inviting you to take a deep breath. If anyone knows what it is to live every day of your trying to save the world, it is me. I have felt as though I needed to be the one person in everyone's corner because I have known what it is to be alone and would never want that for anyone. As I have matured and God has delivered me from certain friendships, I have learned that it was never my job to "heal" anyone. God has strategically placed me in situations for me to be healed by Him and then I can help others find Him as a result of the healing that had taken place within me. I was so compassionate for God's people and so hell bent on helping others that I became an enabler. I was standing in the way of the growth God was bringing forth, because I wanted to help. I know it feels great to help. It feels great knowing you that you were apart of getting someone to where God destined them to be, but the reality is God's will shall come to pass with or without you. He is not expecting you to heal the land of your own power, but He is expecting you to use what He has given you to spread His glory.

When you take on the plight of everyone else you don't leave much room for God to do what He needs to do for that person. That is why we feel burned out from being "the strong friend" because we are drawing from our limited strength when He needs us to draw from His never-ending fountain of supernatural strength on behalf of those we desire to see healed. Healing and deliverance has always been God's job. He is better at than you. He knows more about it than you. He has called you to intercede on behalf of those who cannot intercede for themselves, and He has called you to use the resources He has given you to help others. We must find ourselves in Him, to prevent ourselves from stepping across that fine line between helping and healing. So today Beauty, take a deep breath and ask God to search your heart for the places you are trying to be God. Ask Him to help you stay in your place to allow His glory to be revealed through you and not your own glory being revealed through His works. Learn the difference and be the difference.

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