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Bridge to Terrific Greatness

Terror is such a trick of the ego. Terror will have you missing out on God's greatness. I am sure this has only ever happened to me, but if it has happened to you too then let's reflect, grow and heal together!! How do I know terror will have you miss out on God's goodness? Because I was 27 years old before I ever swam in the ocean. After having swim lessons, going to the beach several times a year, living within an hour of a beach for most of my life, and having traveled to a multitude of beautiful islands…

I had NEVER swam in the ocean.

For me it was the terror around being lost at sea. Terror of looking crazy. Terror of being labeled because I participated in activities that were not "becoming" within my cultural norms (if you have ever been told something is "for white people" then you understand where I am coming from). So for my entire life I kept myself safe from those terrors by not swimming in the ocean, or so I thought… The gag is I was not lost at sea, but I was lost in life… out in the middle of the unknown unsure on how to move forward. I wasn't looking crazy-- mainly because I was never vulnerable enough to let people in fully, but that is another DESTalk-- but trying to be superwoman will make you feel crazy… especially when God is calling you to enjoy the ease of His greatness! The constant moving! The constant hustle! The constant doing!

But the biggest part of my growth through reflection was realizing that people will always have a comment (or several) regardless of what you do! You cannot make other people happy nor comfortable with you… and guess what IT IS NOT YOUR RESONSIBILTY TO DO IT ANYWAY!!!! It is not your responsibility to placate people's feelings or comfort level by diminishing yourself!

It is absolutely your responsibility to be happy and comfortable with who YOU ARE!

Regardless of any external forces... if it makes you and God happy, then do it!

(If you don't know what will make God happy, then stick around and I will help you out!) By reflecting, God revealed to me I was doing myself (and His will)

a grave disservice by not swimming in the ocean… a disservice I was only aware of once I put away the terrors and realized how terrific the ocean really is! If you are like me and you have avoided jumping into the ocean (physically or metaphorically)… then let this be your sign! It is time to launch out and change your mind, so God can change your life! It is such a simple feat, going out and being in the ocean, but the terror behind it makes it seem more daunting than God intended. And in my reflection God revealed to me that is exactly how the enemy keeps us bound. He makes the dreams and aspirations of God too daunting for us to even consider them! It will continue to be impossible to access what you won't give yourself permission to believe is possible first! And the enemy is cunning in that fact. He speaks to our ego and says "Nope, you are not good enough to do that." "Nah, let that dream die, you are not qualified enough." "Are you crazy, you don't know how to do that!" or my personal favorite "Who do you think you are?" Those are the mindset roadblocks that have kept me from accessing my God-destined greatness and I can imagine that I am not alone here. I am on assignment to tell you:

  1. You are not alone! I am right here with you!

  2. None of this caught God by surprise!

  3. You can have and BE all that God destined!

But the choice is yours… are you going to revel in the terrific greatness of God OR are you going to remain terrified?

It can be a tough question to answer! Can I let you in on a secret though… If God is leading you to it, then He has already given permission for it to come to pass in, for and through you!! God is asking to be the bridge between the terrifying and the terrific! How is God asking you to launch out in the deep right now? How is He leading you through the terror to the terrific? How much longer will you sit on the shore and watch others swim in their greatness while you make excuses for why you won't? Stop playing with your purpose and stop letting terror keep you from the terrific greatness God has for you!

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