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911! Emerge and See

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

I have fought God tooth and nail with what my purpose has been.

I leaned in just enough to hear Him say what I wanted to hear and then I took off with it. Over and over again He would send back to my remembrance "do not despise small beginnings", and sure enough it was what I needed to hear.

As God has me sitting her writing at this present moment I am despising this small beginning because I know I should have been further than this by now!

I know that it sounds crazy to willfully ignore the word of God to do what you want to do, but that is my life. It is my tragic flaw (just ask my hunny) and it is that way even with God.

I told you it was a tragic flaw. And I can own it (and its consequences) now.

As I sit and write this post I am consumed with the thought of how much further I could have been if I would have known how to lean in to God when I was younger.

What I am here to tell you right now is simple...

God equips the called.

Period. The end.

There is no question, no debate, no speculation necessary.

When God called you to it, He had already aligned your life to walk in it (we just get IN His way).

What I missed as a child, was understanding that (contrary to popular belief) you DON'T have to have your whole life mapped out step by step.

That is a lie from the pits of hell that creates a false sense of control and pride.

When you map out your life, you feel empowered to be in control of making things happen and that is a boost to your prideful ego.... which is just a stones throw from shattering into a million pieces (another topic for another day).

What I have found to love about God is that He does not require me to know every step. He reminded me of this in college while I was presiding over our campus gospel choir. We were flowing Him, and he gave me the word "Trust me and walk". And I still remember thinking "Yep, I am on the right path! I will keep trusting."

*Cue the buzzer noise*

All the while, I had been on the wrong path going in the right direction.

My ego was unbothered with being on the wrong path because at the end of the day, everything I was doing was "for God" and it was "a good look", but God had to lay me flat out and tell me about myself.

My problem is I have always taken God's direction and tried to make it fit my path. Basically like when you are following your GPS and you take a wrong turn intentionally because you know the GPS will re-route you.

God flat out called me out in my spirit and told me to stop despising small beginnings and lean in to them, because He was using those small beginnings to breed the greatness I was looking for.

And that is why I am here writing this right now.

Because God called me out. He said you don't actually trust me. IF you trusted me, then you would do what I called you. Stop despising small beginnings. And know that if you write I will handle the rest.

Over and over I heard if you would just do what I asked then I can give you the desires of your heart.

You want greatness, you can have it... but in the way I originally intended.

And I believe God will do exactly what He said because His Word can not, does not, will not return to Him void!

When God says it, that settles it.

When God is for me, there is nothing (not even me) that can be against me.

So, here is to small beginnings. May God receive the return on His investment in coming to rescue me from myself!

I speak and believe it is so in Jesus name, amen!

Destined for Greatness has always been the motto I lived by. Knowing that I am here for a reason, has been the fuel to keep me going. But I was so concerned with doing it quickly that I was forfeiting the quality of what God was doing.

But now, I am emerging into my God-Destined greatness and I see God!

If you have read this far, then my prayer for you is you will also journey to see God!

I love you, and I mean it 🦋 !


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