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The Darkest Night


God's word tells us that joy comes in the morning.... but has anyone ever wondered what to do during the night time? How do you even know the difference between the dark and the morning? For me the dark night led me down a spiral of feeling isolated, questioning everything about myself and my life, searching for a sense of purpose and meaning. All of this led me into a deep spiritual depression where I felt completely empty and ready to give up. In this safe space, it is ok to be vulnerable Soulsis. Not only is it ok, but it is the only way to truly navigate from the darkest night into the morning! This course will walk you through: - What is happening in the soulish realm - What it means in the spirit realm - How your body is caught in the crossfire - Practical tools to navigate the darkest night - Supernatural success strategies to make it into the morning

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Emergence University, $997.00


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