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Welcome to Destined for Greatness Consulting!

It's time to take your rightful space in the earth, Soulsis, and I'm here to help you navigate the journey. 

"Giving language to connect the dots of your destiny"

Here at DFG, our goal is to empower millennial women of faith to not just dream big but to achieve their God-Destined greatness. 

Soulsis, you are too brilliant to be crazy and together we will dismantle bloodline traumas and generate dynasty wealth. At Destined for Greatness, we understand that your destiny is waiting to be unlocked, and we're here to provide you with the language to connect the dots and make  it make sense. Whether you're dreaming of launching your own business, living your dream as a published author, or using the voice God gave you to speak to nations, I'm here to navigate the journey to take up your rightful space in the earth. 

Greatness is your birthright, Soulsis. You're destined for it!

Are you ready to take up your rightful space?

Let the journey begin!

 a c c e p t a n c e.

I am here to facilitate your journey to uncover the truth that will set you free! 

I am not the coach who will hold your hand, but I will encourage you to keep going. 

I am not the coach who will do the work for you, but I will provide you with the tools to keep going. 

I am not the coach who will fast-track your healing, but I will empower you to keep going. 

This is the moment all of Heaven rejoices as your ancestors' wildest dreams are about to manifest in your life. 

Buckle up Buttercup... let the journey begin!

Don't delay your journey any longer! 


Destiney Danielle is a powerful motivational coach, who urges her audience to live unapologetically through her empowering words. She speaks from the heart and is truly an inspiration to many.

Tiana| Teacher

My life was on a downward spiral and I was about to lose everything. Then I met her. She taught me how to tap into my Divinity and it changed my life.

Christi| Student

I absolutely love the way I feel when I am listening to Destiney. I feel heard and seen... and often times shooketh, but it is needed!

Traci| Customer Service Agent

It's time to take up your rightful space, Soulsis

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